Sidhu Farms is an Organic Blueberry farm in the heart of the Puyallup Valley, we mainly grow Blueberries, but we also have Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Marion and Boysenberries. We are mainly a berry business, but we also grow a wide assortment of vegetables such as tomatoes, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts just to name a few. We have certified organic blueberries, and the rest of our berries are transitional and have not been certified yet. We market generally to local farmers markets and local organic food stores, for instance some of our Organic Berries can be found at some Whole Foods locations, and some QFC food stores not to mention all of the local fruit stands that also buy berries from us.

Meet the Farmers!



Chet Sidhu: From Punjab to Puyallup

Chet Sidhu came to America in the early 1980s, realizing a dream he had since childhood. He was born in Punjab, India with generations of farming in his family tree. His family owned 60 acres and cultivated cotton in their native country.

Sidhu started farming in the Orting and Puyallup Valleys in 1998. For a time he was growing raspberries on the Engfer property, but had to stop production and pull all his irrigation equipment when the Engfers were in the process of selling the farm a year ago. “It would be too expensive to go back there again”, Sidhu said when learning the property sale was not completed.

Sidhu Farms is about 90 acres of plots throughout the valleys, with certified organic blueberries as their primary crop. They also grow strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, marion and boysenberries. While they are mainly a berry business, they also grow a wide assortment of vegetables including: tomatoes, cauliflower and brussel sprouts. In addition to these traditional valley crops, they grow Indian squash and okra which is sold through the Indian Market in Kent and Tukwilla.
Kamal Sidhu: Computer Science


Kamal Sidhu is Chet Sidhu’s oldest son. He attended University of Washington and got his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. Before entering the mundane 9-5 he found it difficult to leave what he genuinely enjoys doing, serving others. He is the brains behind the whole farming operation, he has many titles such as the HR, Sales rep, laborer, and picker

Sundeep Sidhu: Aspiring Doctor


This is a familiar face to anyone that comes down to the fruit stand. This is sunny, the middle child. You can usually catch him at the farmers markets or most likely at the fruitstand running it.

Sharnjit Sidhu: Avid Gamer


Sarge, Chet’s youngest child. He is the glue that keeps the whole farm together. He is also a man of many trades, from ploughing the fields getting ready to plant to harvesting the crop and selling it at the local farmers markets